EDUCEN: the role of culture & networks in urban disaster risk reduction

29–30 March 2017



The final conference will address integrating socio-cultural networks into disaster risk reduction in order to increase resilience of European cities.

The first day of the conference will showcase concepts and tools described in EDUCEN as well as related European projects. The second day will look towards exchange and sharing of experiences in dealing with disasters and cultural diversity between European cities.

Day 1: Roadshow day
09:30 Registration & coffee
10:00 Welcome speech
Mr Piet Sleeking, Deputy Mayor, City of Dordrecht
10:15 Keynote:
Gen Ángel Gomez de Agreda, Spanish Air Force
10:30 Keynote:
Safety region Director, Carlo Post
11:00 Presentation of EDUCEN results
Dr Jeroen Warner, Wageningen UR, EDUCEN coordinator
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Presentation: Experience with Red Cross Netherlands disaster volunteers pilot
Red Cross representative (TBC)
Brief presentations & demonstrations of related EU projects /cities, introduction afternoon programme (incl. apps)
EDUCEN members and invited practitioners/advisory board members
12:30 Q&A
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Room 1
The Flood Suitcase: working with children and young people on DRR
Prof Maggie Mort, ULancs, CUIDAR
Room 2
City Climate Catastrophe dialogue
Dr Funda Atun, EDUCEN & Dr Ingrid Coninx, PLACARD
Room 3
Cultural Memory Game: from memories of the past to protection in the present
Dr Piotr Magnuszewski, Centre for Systems Solutions, EDUCEN
15:30 Room 1
Marken flood exercise debrief
Dr Bas Rietjens, NLDA, EDUCEN
Room 2
Memory and Infrastructure
Miranda Dandoulaki, ANEVO and other EDUCEN members
Room 3
Gifts of Culture Game: Diversity in the context of flood resilience
Dr Piotr Magnuszewski
17:00 Closing remarks
Prof Georg Frerks (NLDA), EDUCEN
17:30 Cocktails & buffet (registration required)
Day 2: Cities & calamities day
08:30 Coffee
09:00 A word of welcome from the European project officer
Mr Antonio Fernandez Ramada-Shaw
09:05 Keynote: dealing with disaster risk and refugee realities in the city of Hatay, Turkey.
H.E. the Mayor of Hatay, Dr Lütfü Savaş TBC
09.25 Organisational Structure: Clashes and synergies in urban disaster management
Dr Kees Boersma, VU University, Amsterdam
09:45 Introductions to urban disaster and citizen engagement case studies
Followed by Q&A + comments
City representatives
10:30 Methodological notes on social mapping
Dr Stefania Munaretto, PBL, CAPFLO project;
Dr Raffaele Giordano (CNR-IRSA) EDUCEN
11:15 Case study scenario: cities exchange experiences and views
13:00 Keynote on cities and disasters
Q&A session
Prof Louise Comfort, U Pittsburgh via Skype
13.45 Lunch
13:00 Excursion to flood-prone areas
Organised by City of Dordrecht
18:00 Cocktail at Breda Castle