Economics, finance and the Green Deal

While the EU Green Deal aims to bring sustainability and prosperity to Europe, there is very little mention of adaptation or disaster resilience.


Our report identifies political, economic and financial shortcomings in the EU Green Deal, highlighting the knowledge gaps between the CCA and DRR communities. We explore concrete actions to eliminate overlaps or conflicting actions within both communities and counteract the fragmentation of knowledge.

We investigate the most important gaps in finance and the economy that currently hinder production, integration and practical implementation of knowledge by DRR and CCA stakeholder groups. These gaps provide specific opportunities for better alignment between the two communities if addressed by stakeholders. Finance, insurance and risk transfer remain important driving forces for CCA and DRR, leading to long-term sustainability. As a result, making the most of opportunities can help to improve the EU Green Deal, and assure greater efficiency of implemented measures.


The EU Green Deal is not only a step on the way to a climate-neutral Europe, but is also an example of ambitious climate targets for other parties within the Paris Agreement. In order to build resilience and achieve climate neutrality across the continent, the European Commission will improve its adaptation strategy and related strategic documents. The overall goal is to make the financial system more sustainable to non-financial risks and facilitate mobilisation of climate finance.