Exploring the use of foresight methods in climate resilience

Our webinar showcased the potential of foresight methods in increasing climate resilience across Europe, in the light of Juncker’s 5 Futures for Europe (pdf, 5.5 MB).


  • Introduction and PLACARD foresight activities – Rob Swart, Wageningen Environmental Research
  • The 5 futures of Europe and the future of climate action: Reflections and scenarios for the EU27 – Jonathan Gaventa, Director, E3G Brussels Office
  • Potential future climate in terms of climatic hazards and impacts expected for Europe – Ian Holman, Cranfield University

Next steps

  • Dec 2018 / Jan 2019: PLACARD Foresight Workshop in Brussels
  • May 2019: Foresight session at ECCA 2019, Lisbon
  • Late 2019: Second foresight report to be launched


Our webinar is part of a larger research and practice process on the use of foresight methods (PLACARD Foresight promotion report – Foresight for policy & decision-makers). The discussions will support development of a broader workshop on forward-looking (foresight) activities in late 2019: foresight methods will be used to support the three policy-science instruments, and design pathways of how they would play out in a world that ‘mixes’ Juncker’s 5 futures with different climate scenarios.