Joining forces: PLACARD CCA & DRR workshop

24 October 2017


About the workshop

Integration, cooperation and collaboration between actors and organisations working on CCA and DRR is crucial in order to link the Paris Agreement, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sendai Framework. This workshop aimed to support and boost these institutional strengthening efforts.

The workshop results – Vision 2030 and the way forward – will be used to support integration and mainstreaming of CCA & DRR into policy, institutional arrangements and practice.

Workshop results in a nutshell

Reaching the vision 2030 of a good integration of CCA and DRR in the short-, mid- and long-term:

  • Enhancing coherence between CCA & DRR brings benefits
  • Climate Risk Management (CRM) plays a significant role in bringing CCA & DRR together
  • Shared risk governance is a critical part of successful cooperation and collaboration, coherence and integration
  • A project or consortium can actively connect organisations, institutions, and CCA and DRR actors
  • Citizens and local knowledge play an important role in participatory governance formats
  • Roles and responsibilities of communities and citizens must be well represented in CRM
  • Platforms, portals and hubs are vital for sharing knowledge, showcasing good practices, and visibility
  • Developing shared or common indicators for monitoring, reporting and evaluation (MRE) is an opportunity to collect useful loss data
  • National Risk Assessments must better reflect climate change impacts and trends in their revision cycles
  • DRR strategies need to take CCA into account
  • Critical national / EU infrastructure must be resilient to long-term trends in climate-related risks.


Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Europe report – enhancing coherence of the knowledge base, policies and practices

Sergio Castellari, European Environment Agency (EEA)

Good practices & success factors in linking DRR & CCA, and the way forward

Montserrat Marín Ferrer, Joint Research Centre

Linking Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation: approaches to climate and weather related disasters

Laura Schmidt, DG European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Global frameworks

Margot Steenbergen, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Climate Risk Management: Linking disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) in practice

Thomas Schinko, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and Markus Leitner, Environment Agency Austria (EAA)