How to facilitate effective meetings on disaster risk reduction & climate change adaptation

Participate! is a free interactive online training module to support the design of effective science, policy and practice events. The course focuses on participatory meetings such as workshops, conferences and training courses for the climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction communities.

Participate! online course

We recommend going through all five lessons from start to finish, however, you are welcome to pick those lessons that are most useful to you.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to interactive engagement
  • Lesson 2: Tools and approaches
  • Lesson 3: Facilitation techniques
  • Lesson 4: Design your session
  • Lesson 5: Working with the unexpected

About Participate!

The course is designed for participants who:

  • Wish to design more effective science, policy and practice events, such as workshops, conferences, training courses with a focus on CCA or DRR.
  • Have a connection with DRR and/or CCA.
  • Work in research, policy, or practice, from operational or management levels.